La Mission & Mi Familia



Both La Mission and Mi Familia were a joy to watch. I especially loved La Mission and the compelling story line it shared. While La Mission centers on a father finding out about his son being gay and having a hard time accepting this, Mi Familia centers on one big family and how each of the kids lives turn out, especially focusing on Jimmy (the youngest son) and the struggles he is constantly facing. The main theme that sticks out when watching each of these films is that of family and how strongly the fathers cherish such a bond.

“The greatest riches a man can have in his life…mi familia.” – Mi Familia

The father in each film, Che in La Mission and Jimmy in Mi Familia, have grown up through rebellion so whenever something goes wrong they both seem to take their emotions out through anger and violence. While neither of them impose this violence directly on their family, excluding when Che first finds out about his sons sexuality, they don’t care in the slightest what kind of trouble their anger may bring upon themselves. What I really appreciated about these films was how real these scenes were and the vulnerabilities that these fathers showed regarding the well being of their sons.


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